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Hey, look! It says I'm sophisticated! Finally, a weird meme thing (I think?) that understands me! : P
Hey, everybody. Tomorrow, I'll be setting off with my old man to go visit the relatives in Michigan for a while. I'll be staying with my grandparents, which means no computer, which of course, means no internet. So until I come back, this journal will be on a break. If any of you guys would like to contact me for any reason, my cell phone number is 704-500-7842.
Ack, my mom's kicking me off! So, goodbye everyone! Have a fun weekend!

Feb. 5th, 2006


First day of college!

Went, was 5 minutes late for my first class, went to get my books and nearly broke my back holding everything I needed, and went to my second class, which only lasted 10 minutes, and only half the clas was there. Walked to library, which is where I am now. I get the very srong feeling that I'm going fail Art Appreciation. Livejournal is acting up and being a huge pain in the ass.
I finally manged to download Passion. It's such a pretty song. I really like it. Anyway, FMA OVAs!!!!!! Here's the link to the story:


And, a bit of arrogance from me that I just couldn't pass up.

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

Christmas swag update

Well, my family got Christmas off to a wonderful start: Mom had to go to the hospital. Her ear hurt, so she had Dad put camphor oil in it. It didn't help. At all. In fact, it just made it worse. So she had Dad take her to the hospital, and left me with the puppy. They were gone for a long time, so I got alll freaked out, thinking maybe something really bad had happened. Then she called on her cell phone. It turns out she just had a really bad ear infection, and she and Dad went out to eat after they left the hopsital. Nice, huh? Regardless, the docter prescribed her some ear drops and Vicodin. And as for the gifts, they were really cool this year. I got a bunch a books and other little things like that...and THE FULL METAL ALCHEMIST POCKET WATCH!!!!! Best! Gift! Ever! It's just like Ed's and it runs on batteries and it's really, really cool!! And that's about it. Merry Christmas everyone!

Dec. 22nd, 2005

Nothing to see here as usual people. Move on.

Which My So-Called Life Character Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

Understatement of the Year

Nip/Tuck is one seriously messed-up show. And the Carver reveal was stupid. 'Unguessable', my ass.

Who's the %#@*$ Carver?!

I'm sick of guessing and trying to figure out bizarre clues! I want answers!! Um, if anyone wants to know what I'm talking about, just ask.
Anyway, I got "The Best of Gundam Wing" cd today. Amusing anecdote there: When I was trying to convince my dad to get it for me off of E-bay, he said as a joke(I think!)"Aw, you just want it because of the pretty boys on the front." OMGWTFBBQ! It has Heero and Wufei on it, by the way.
Also, I love Livejournal! I get to upload 3 more icons! I'll probably never use most of them, but still.
All right, I'm a lot better now. Thanks guys, for being great. :) I can angst with the best of them, eh?
Anyway, we have new addition to the family: a puppy! A full-blooded black Lab like Indy. His name's Jones (as in Indiana Jones.) He's 3 weeks old, and he originally belonged to my dad's boss. However, his mom got run over by a car, and Dad's boss couldn't take care of him and all of hid brothers and sisters, so Dad volunteered to take him. He's really energetic though. He's always chewing on whatever he can reach, and he cries ALL THE TIME. He's crying as I'm writing this actually. I need to go, Mom's calling me. To quote weirdo_child, stay weird!